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With a divine skill in numbers from the age of three, she has been stunning the whole world with her uncanny skill in computing the most intricate problems mentally, even quicker than the highly sophisticated computers in the world. By age six she demonstrated her calculation and memorization abilities at the University of Mysore. Srinivasa Shastriar P.

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Soon Shakuntala, who displayed her talents to gatherings of distinguished people all over India, came to be acclaimed as a Child Prodigy. Problems that took learned men hours to solve, she could solve within seconds. While six years old, Shakuntala demonstrated her talents at the University of Mysore, Bangalore, to a large gathering of students and professors of the University.


At that tender age she worked out the most complicated arithmetical calculations with lightening rapidity and scientific precision and kept the assembly spell-bound for two hours. Still in her early ages, Shakuntala sailed to Europe in Shakuntala gave quick answers to problems posed by the BBC, but when further questions were given, she challenged the problem as set and said it was worked out wrongly.

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At the University of Rome one of her answers to the problems was found to be wrong by the calculating machine, but after re-checking it was found that the machine had made the mistake and not Shakuntala! Questions were set by the then well known Professors Mr. Smart and Mr. Barry Thornton, the Chief Mathematicians, Seconds before the questions were fed to the computer, Shakuntala had the answers. Throughout her tours around the world, Shakuntala has performed in Universities, Colleges, Schools, Theatres, and on Television with great distinction.

She has received accolades and high letters of appreciation from all these Universities. Unlike many other calculating prodigies, for example Truman Henry Safford, her abilities did not wane in adulthood.

Early History

In she extracted the 23rd root of a digit number mentally. On June 18, she demonstrated the multiplication of two digit numbers 7,,,, x 2,,,, picked at random by the Computer Department of Imperial College, London. She answered the question in 28 seconds. However, this time is more likely the time for dictating the answer a digit number than the time for the mental calculation the time of 28 seconds was quoted on her own website.

Her correct answer was 18,,,,,,,, Shakuntala Devi provided the solution to the problem, yet Leslie claimed that the answer was incorrect until later he realized that the original answer was wrong. Shakuntala Devi was invited to various educational institutions in the Southern Methodist University, Dallas she was once asked to find the solution of, the 23rd root of a digit number.

She obtained the result in 50 seconds whereas a Univac computer took more than a minute to solve it. Shakuntala Devi even wrote books on mathematics for children. She was also popular as an astrologer with her strong mathematical knowledge. It became the first inclusive study on homosexuality in India.

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Even when she became successful and rich, she ensured to channelize her earnings and wealth in the right direction. She set up Shakuntala Devi Education Foundation Public trust to guarantee that children who are living in an underprivileged family get better education. She stood as an epitome of a success of Indians in the field of Mathematics. Being a mathematical genius, she was celebrated for her exceptional mathematical skills to devise answers easily. She was honored with the Guinness Book of records on 18th June when she solved a multiplication problem of two randomly selected digit numbers.

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