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Is your Prince Charming just around the corner? Find out where our experts judge your sign! Read your weekly horoscope predictions. What's your best quality? What's Your Ideal Pet? So, a dog or a cat? Discover your ideal pet according to your zodiac sign. Too pushy? Too selfish? Find out here! Find out here which type of guy should you run a mile from! Who Is Your Perfect Partner? A close-up on your soulmate! When Will I Find Love? We can reveal the exact date! When Will I Get Pregnant? Discover your future pregnancy dates!

Will He Call Me? Discover what's just around the corner for you! We have the answer you are looking for!

Pisces: Your daily horoscope - May 15

Should we move in together? Will it make us stronger? Should you believe your married lover? See more. Change of residence is also on the cards for you this year. Capricorns are ruled by Saturn. On the outer crust the Capris are rigid, cold and sometimes even indifferent. Being an earth element, they are practical, reliable, rational, self-disciplined and responsible. They possess a great control power.

They are sharp in making a distinction of their priorities. They have always prioritize work rather than home. Capricorn persons are humorous and witty. They have an amazing ability to withdraw from unpleasant situations. They are persons bubbling with optimism and positivism. Capricorn Horoscope, states that you will be getting the rewards of ambition and hard work. Your prudence and practicality will help you to soar high. Work will be recognized and rewards are in line for you. You commitment will reap you great results.

Time will be always significant for you, as Saturn assists you to take control of everything at your disposal. Capricorn people are patient and persistent, but limit the horizon of patience. This will help you in your work place. Do not have any self doubts. This will take into deep waters. Already a member? Sign In.

Gemini: Your daily horoscope - May 15

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