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13 Places to Host a First Birthday Party in Houston

Rachel then storms off to the bakery in Monica's car, but forgets her license and gets pulled over for speeding. After making the rest of the gang cry with a dramatic reading of one of Emma's favorite books, a performance that he made up on the spot upon not realizing that he had to get Emma a birthday present Joey picks up the book and tells Estelle that he has a monologue. Monica and Chandler are annoyed by his plans to leave because they had made plans before anybody else, and so they decide to make the wind-up toys that they bought Emma race to determine who has to stay.

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Phoebe and Joey's toys come first and second in the race, because all that Monica and Chandler's toy does is somersault and bark. Phoebe and Joey leave, and Monica and Chandler are left alone with Emma.

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By the time Ross finds Rachel on the highway, it is too late to go to the bakery. While Rachel disappointingly fantasizes about how she thought the party was going to be, briefly stopping to yell and beep the horn at a student driver Ross manages to turn the x-rated cake into the bunny that Rachel wanted. While they are gone, Chandler and Monica look after Emma and Chandler teaches her to hold up a finger and signify that she is one year old.

Phoebe returns and declares that she slipped her client "a little something" that will wear off after five to six hours.

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Joey then runs in and yells at the other three to pretend to Ross and Rachel that he has been at the apartment the whole time. Ross and Rachel follow him in and tell everyone that they know that they all left, but it does not matter because they are all here now. They are filled with pride after seeing Emma's new trick and finally begin to celebrate her birthday. This scene forces Rachel to cry happily. Throughout the episode, Ross has been filming all of the party guests recording a message for Emma to be shown to her on her eighteenth birthday.

At the end of the episode, Ross and Rachel start to record their own message to their daughter, but are interrupted by a loud cheering and screaming outside.

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Out in the hallway, Monica, Joey, Phoebe and Chandler are racing their wind-up toys again. One of the first things you learn as a parent is that happy, stress-free occasions require a well-rested baby. While this may mean a different start time than Grandma expected, everybody and especially baby!


Create a quiet area. Create a secondary party area in another room or outside area for guests to go if they need a break from the festivities. Set out non-electronic toys for babies who may feel overstimulated, and leave out snacks for adults who want a spot for quiet conversation. Designate photographers.

10 Things your baby does not need at his first birthday party

Choose a simple theme. Need birthday party theme ideas? Weather permitting, opt for an outdoor venue. The mess will be minimal, and younger guests will have lots of space to move around. Put older kids in charge of games. Delegate, delegate, delegate. Put them in charge of face painting, music-making, singing songs, and more. Take photos before guests arrive.

2. Ball Pit

For the guest of honor, this party is more about the photos than the memories. So snap some pics before baby gets sleepy or starts shrieking from all the commotion.

Friends - First birthday Emma

To ensure you get an Insta-worthy photo, make or order a small cake before the big day and do a low-key photo shoot without guests around. Baby will be all smiles and no one flipping through the scrapbook will ever know that picture was taken on a different day.

Personalize the party. Better yet, make it a yearly tradition.