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Worldwide Indian astrology is prominent for unique methods of astrology predictions that are valuable and accepted. Each kind of astrology follows its own terms like western astrology provides futurology on the basis of the sun sign but Indian astrology uses moon sign also that is broad and accurate to get the correct predictions of astrology. Destiny of human is divided into 12 zodiac signs where each person is owner of a unique zodiac sign.

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In branch of astrology zodiac signs reveal your life secrets including your nature and behavior. Now this service is available with apt benefits and gets them with proper initialization of the services. Face reading is the superb way to discover your own innate nature. Face reading is the combination of earliest astrology and science. Face reading is an art that depicts your nature, behavior and about your qualities.

When doing conversation with each other; by analyzing their face lines you can predict about the human nature and their abilities. During conversation by analyzing other face in certain circumstances can lead you better insight in the thoughts and attitude of the other person. And this is not fascination. Facial features reveals about your characteristics, weakness, character and other personality traits.

You heard about it that whatever you feel is shows on your face. Oftentimes your face is greatly depicts your feelings and thoughts.

Transit MOON in Aspects to Natal SATURN

There are a lot lines on your face that are etched deeply on your face and it completely depends on your degree of emotions. It depicts your instant thoughts and predictions at a particular instant. Facial reading is more like subjective theory but it is also the proof of science also. To know about the roadmap of the particular person face reading is the best idea to implement. Free online face reading by astrologer is another excellent service of face reading to provide you quick results. The lines on your forehead depict your style of thinking.

Some people have more lines on face and some has less. These lines have their own shape like straight and crooked. This shape shows that how deeply you are thinking. Somewhat it is also well known that deeper lines on forehead also show that it is because of the inherited genes.

Face reading in hindi - forehead lines part one - Learn face reading in hindi -

Your eyes and lips also express a lot about you. By reading their eyes you can suppose about the thoughts of the other person. If you see that there is a white between the lower eyelid and iris then the person is worried. If that white is on upper side then it shows that person response fiercely about the situation.

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Lines on the sides of the eye are signal that the person smiles happily and generally a happy person. They are more interested on impressions than the knowledge gained through study.

A little wide and high forehead well shaped eyebrows is the most desirable. It denotes prospect of permanent success. Face reading also represent about our parents ,and the relationship with them. Face reading is the combination of earliest astrology and science. When we doing conversation with each other ,by analyzing their face lines you can predict about the human nature and their abilities ,also you can analyze the circumstances can lead you better insight.

B Sharma is become world famous face reader expert ,who is serving his astrology service in all over the India ,he is specialized in many areas of astrology such as horoscope specialist ,kundli specialist , Match making specialist in , Vastu specialist. Best palmist specialist ,Snap reading specialist, Face reading etc.


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He awared about all tricks of astrology as well as vashikaran, he expert to perm all the tricks related to astrology. Our expert will read your face and guide you per your face aspect.

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Face reading is more like subjective theory,but it is also the proof of science also. B Sharma Rend his service every where. Each body part is associated with a particular house — according to Indian astrology — for instance, the right eye represents the father, left eye represents the mother, and the nose represents the brother. The Second house of the natal chart signifies the face, the Third house signifies the shoulder and the Fourth house signifies the chest region and also the mother.

If you find a person with crooked teeth, you can easily say that his Second house is affected.

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  • If the right eye is more powerful than the left, then it can be said that the person? If you find a person limping, his Saturn would be wrongly placed. The thigh region signifies the 9th house, and if a person has a cut or a wound on the thigh it can be told that the person will have difficulties with father, teachers and gurus.