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The four divisions of the original sources of knowledge [the Vedas] were made separately. Through concrete examples of the lives of saints, kings and great men, allegories and chronicles of great historical events they impress upon us the teachings of the Vedas and generate devotion to God. They also presented their papers on the second day of the event.

Bhagavata Purana was the last composed work of Vyasadeva and it is supposed to contain his mature spiritual realization.

In fact, Srimad-Bhagavatam is considered to be the natural commentary on Vedanta. Comment by Manjunatha June 13, Reply. Comment by shreyas June 17, Reply. Comment by preetha July 8, Reply.

Savithru Sharma, Bangalore

Savithru Sharma is one of the renowned Astrologers in Bangalore. He is now featured on Udaya TV. Savithru Sharma is available on the following numbers for personal Appointment. He charges Rs INR for a single appointment. Not sure why he is expensive,may be because of Udaya TV. I had consultations 10 years back , i still remember when i asked for the fee , he said u can pay what ever u like …..

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From what we have interacted with him long back , he was taught Astrology from his Father. We were also informed that Mr Sharma was born after a long gap to his parents. They named him Savithru Based on Sun. Comment by Prasadt July 8, Reply. Comment by ganapathi July 12, Reply. Comment by Sumitra July 13, Reply. I called the phone number which was shown during this program but they said me that re send through DD is the cosultation fee and we need to wait till January or feb.

Comment by prasad. G July 20, Reply.

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Comment by vasantha August 27, Reply. Comment by jyothi November 11, Reply. Comment by simha March 9, Reply. Comment by Kiran August 11, Comment by A.

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In june I heard from some ppl there there appointment is not available till june He doesnt stay in Thyagarajanagar anymore. Its near Jalahalli. You need a prior appointment to meet him. About his phone number… You need to call the number which is shown on the TV. Comment by Ravikiran December 21, Reply. I dont think if you call any other number mentioned above, you will get appointment. His presentation was revered high by one and all; we are honoured to have such a pioneer and statesmen among us! Comment by Gurudasa February 2, Reply.

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Comment by vikram bharadwaj February 18, Reply. He is very busy and very expensive. Comment by sankar March 5, Reply. Sequentially Prefabricate your, visitors of your?


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This yoga is made available to all, irrespective of age, gender, race, religion and nationality.

As others said, one can not come out from his house without shelling out 25kk for all sort of poojas. God only knows how truly they perform pujas, but Guruji does not care. He is well off with Dubai, US visits with huge earnings. He is same as the rest of the astrologists. Comment by ram July 8, Reply. Comment by girija August 13, Reply. Comment by rtrtr August 30, Reply.

Personally I feel the tips are working. Comment by Krishna Murthy K. S January 19, Reply. Comment by kavyashree goi March 11, Reply. Dont trust this astrologer at all. Then this astrologer repeats the same pretends to be disclosing their birthcharts. They squezes and sucks money in the name of pooja and etc. Dont go near them. Earlier he was travelling in small car and now in SUVs!! Dont ever go near them.

click Comment by Raghu August 14, Reply. The office boy doesnot allow us to meet Shri savithru Sharma in the firstplace and demands nowadays rs for consultations through him only. Guruji is perhaps totally ignorant of what is happening around him. Perhaps Mr Narahari is a Dashamagraha for Guruji and we have to first satisfy this Gana before even meeting Guruji. Comment by Ravi Kumar September 26, Reply. In my case what all he has predicted went wrong. Comment by sandhya December 17, Comment by Maya July 12, Reply.

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Plz mail me the phone no. Comment by Krishnaraj Katwe October 17, Reply. Comment by shambhavi November 28, Reply. Vijay kumar ksheer sagar His nakshatra is mula. Comment by sapna December 10, Reply. Comment by mohankumar December 21, Reply. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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