February 2 eclipse horoscope

There are a variety of types of eclipses, from tiny partial eclipses, to complete or total eclipses, where the entire Sun or Moon is blocked for a period of time. Historically eclipses were considered, like all sky omens, to be a message from the gods. These messages were traditionally thought of as warnings.

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In the 18 months following, most of the eclipses will fall in the Zodiac signs of Cancer and Capricorn. This special and powerful eclipse brings the chance for you to reach for greatness in a key area of your life. A Full Moon or Lunar eclipse can reveal hidden insights, and help you reconnect with forgotten ideas.

There are many divine and bright symbols that go with the Sun in Leo. At heart this is a time to let your light shine in the world.

VIRGO (August 23 - September 22)

The first one is at 8 Pisces, on February 26 or 27, depending on where in the world you are. The second one is at 28 Leo on August 21 or 22, again depending on where you are.


Throughout history eclipses have been seen as magical signs, often interpreted as warnings. While it can be disconcerting to experience a solar eclipse — seeing the Sun darken in the middle of the day is odd for sure — it is a symbol that can mean a few different things. The red planet, Mars, powers through Aries, one of his home signs and strongest places, from January 28 — March Side note — this covers the whole of the current eclipse season!

This eclipse is celebratory in nature, revealing the power of putting yourself into your work and the world. The third eclipse of the year occurs in July. It increases your wanderlust and your need for a vast array of teachings, teachers, and philosophies to consider. The journeys that you decide to go on will become turning points for you. They mark the most important departures for you, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. You are being given the opportunity to experience yourself in new lights, new settings, and surroundings.

From November through to December , Jupiter expands all the avenues you have for revenue making. The amount you can make is endless, but be careful of taking on projects that are unrealistic or overwhelming in their workload. Gains need to be weighed by what they help you develop, experience, and cultivate more of in your life. As Uranus finishes up its 7 year transit through your 6th house of work projects, it helps you understand the importance of your willingness to do things your own way at work.

The traditions you have broken from are most likely the reasons for your success. As Uranus enters your 7th house of committed partnerships staying until you get to reinvent your ways of being in relationships. Your needs are changing, requiring new things from you and those you are with. Exciting opportunities open up when you are willing to experiment with the ways in which you come together with others.

The first eclipse of the year on January 5th sets this year and a half long learning curve into action. With Saturn, Pluto, and the south node surrounding the eclipses, you are being asked to face the power dynamics in this area of your life that plague you the most. It helps to be aware of the financial lessons you learned as a little one in order to deescalate the dynamics that tend to halt your current progress.

Think about what money matters caused stress in your childhood home. Was money used as a means to control others?


Was making a living something that was joyful or stressful for the parental figures in your life? What from your past did you naturally internalize that is helpful in regards to making ends meet, and what is not? What is coming up in regards to finances that is helping you work through, and maybe even heal, these issues? Any and all work that you do to clear up these issues sets a pattern for profound change in this area of your life. The stakes are high, but the rewards are endless. The second eclipse of the year happens on January 20th, in your 9th house of travel, teaching, and long-term plans.

Over the course of the past two years, you have more than likely been able to accomplish a remarkable amount on your to-do list. They are far from over, but this is the last eclipse in this part of your chart for some time and thus signifies an important moment of reflection and of future projections for you. The light of this moon makes clear the paths you must continue to tread. It is a total solar eclipse that pulls focus on your appetite to increase your financial situation through the right collaborations.

This area of life and its opportunities are steadily growing There are partnerships that will seem perfect at first, but ask too much from you in the end. Only the most sound investments of your time, energy, and talents need to be pursued in order to bring in the bounty. From November through to December , Jupiter works wonders for your reputation. This once in year transit creates opportunities that will unfold for years to come. A little goes a long way with this juice though. The beauty of working with what is effortless is that it allows you to replenish your system while you are growing.

Look for, and work with, the little lifts as much as the big take-offs in order to advance your agenda. Uranus finishes up its transit through your 5th house of creative projects by March of and enters your 6th house of work and health matters, staying there until With a deeper understanding of the disruptive power of your creative energy when unleashed, you are now being asked to take it into your work rituals, routines, and longer-term projects. Your main job is to refuse convention for the sake of it.

What The New Moon And Solar Eclipse In Cancer Means For Your Zodiac Sign

At least not in the long run. On January 5th, the first eclipse of occurs in your sign beside Saturn, Pluto, and the south node. This is the first of many such eclipses, in fact will make your sign home to 3 in total. With each one you are asked to get real, raw, and unpretentious about your healing process, your progress and, as a result, your potential.

With each eclipse you will be required to peel off the layers of your persona that you have relied too heavily upon over the years. This process will encourage you to let go of the accolades you may have also hid behind. Humility goes a long way when wanting to live a good life. It enables you to identify the blessings that hubris would dismiss in an instant.

It reminds you of the importance of staying low enough to the ground so that you can catch the first signs of approaching opportunity. It grants you access to horizontal collaborations. When we spend our life being trained to look up for inspiration, we sometimes miss all the abundance, creative ingenuity, and beauty right beside us. The second eclipse of the year, on January 20th, emphasizes the important growth you have experienced in and through your collaborations. This is the last of a series of eclipses here for a while and will most likely help you to close an important chapter within a joint venture, or receive some recognition from one.

Take this wisdom with you as you continue to build with others in all ways.

It is a total solar eclipse that activates the potentials of your partnerships. Your need for an equal in business and romantic partnerships becomes increasingly more clear, as does your desire for the intimacy that truly satiates. No substitutes needed here. Waiting for the real thing might be challenging, but nothing else will leave you even close to feeling full. From November through to December , Jupiter is hard at work getting you to develop a deeper faith in your process.

New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse Astrology Horoscope, Today, 2/12/2018 For Each Zodiac Sign

As it expands the possibilities of your behind the scenes projects, it reminds you of the importance of incubation periods. By December , Jupiter enters your sign, and from now until then you are being prepared for the personal growth it will provide you. Big things are brewing, stay close to and appreciative of the process. As of March, Uranus will encourage you to take chances, break with tradition, and find the most innovative ways to create and release your creations into the world. The first eclipse on and the two that follow it in July and December makes a strong imprint upon you.

Much of your glory is secret, but not to be underestimated in its importance. Your healing is the boss you want to work for. And make proud. As your internal operating systems get a reboot, you are awakened to the absolute necessity of working with the more subtle aspects of your life. Inner imbalances become glaringly obvious, knocking your outer life off course. Energetic bills that you have put off come looking for payment. Efforts that you make to understand your psyche has major payoffs.

Whatever rituals help you to stay psychically attuned, aligned, and clear need to be practiced with great rigor and reverence for their power. This work is not about receiving outside accolades, although it eventually brings you a tremendous amount. This work is about clearing out everything that has gotten in the way of you living honestly with yourself. As you do, more and more falls into place. Alignment with, is greater than aggressively pushing towards, your goals.

The second eclipse of occurs on January 20th, and is a total lunar eclipse and the last of its kind for a while. Over the past two years these eclipses have been activating your 7th house of committed partnerships. Lessons have come through those that you have risked joining forces with in romance or business. Looking back, what have you accomplished, learned, or healed that could have only been done given the commitments you were working within?

It encourages you to nurture your most important work projects. Whether you are trying something new or finding new ways to put more heart and soul into your already existing professional pursuits, do so with great emotional tenderness and tenacity. Your projects need to know you care about them, so too do the people you are co-creating them with.

From November through to December , Jupiter gifts you with an abundance of blessings that flow to you through community. Your friends, collaborators, and co-conspirators are able to lift your spirits, open doors, and help to carry your dreams to their next destination. Return the favor. Your soul yearns to give and receive generosity. As Uranus finishes up its transit through your 3rd house of communications until March of , it puts the finishing touches on the 7 year journey you have had together here. Through it, you have learned to speak the truth no matter the mayhem it may cause.

Next, Uranus moves into your 4th house of family and foundation. Here until , Uranus aims to revolutionize the ways in which you relate to your past and present family formation. Work on liberating yourself from norms that refuse your individuality for the sake of a false family harmony. The top of begins with a solar eclipse and new moon in your 11th house of friends, communities, and the common causes and celebrations you unite around. This eclipse is one of many that stimulate this area of your life over the next year and a half, signifying the importance of the people and community events that you place yourself in.

From the get-go, asks you to get very clear on who you are surrounding yourself with, and why. Being of service to your communities is essential to living a meaningful life, but the service has to be aligned to our purpose. Volunteering your efforts for the wrong reasons will only leave you resentful and exhausted. Offer your time, energy and heart to the opportunities that meet you and move you.

Getting to know the psychological underpinnings of why you do what you do helps you move from unconsciously reacting from guilt and shame, to consciously choosing who you and what you serve with purpose, integrity, and intention. The second eclipse of occurs on January 20th. It is the last of a series of eclipses in your 6th house of work and health. What you have healed in regards to your relationship with your body and your brand have taught you the importance of shining while being of service.

The well-being of your physical, mental and emotional self sees you through each and every deadline and bit of downtime. The more you take care of it, the more you can take care of your work and world. Activating your 5th house of creative energy, projects, and passionate pursuits, your desire to breathe life into all you are working on increases. As your appetite for creative self-expression grows, it entices you to take responsibility for the wild energy that runs through you.

Doing so reminds you that having more fun needs to be an intentional decision.

You are meant to know the meaning of healing through pleasure, joy, and play. From November through to December , Jupiter expands the possibilities of your personal and professional goals. With access to abundant blessings in this area of your life, your job is to not get lost in the fantasy of success. Instead, get lost in the work that feels most meaningful, and magical to you. With Uranus finishing up its transit through your 2nd house of money, assets, and livelihood, you are able to put the finishing touches on healing your relationship with your resources.

Whatever harmful notions you have broken free of in regards to your worth, how money works, and of your right to make it, is priceless. The changes to how you make a living have most likely been vast over the past 7 years. You get to incorporate and integrate all of those lessons now.

As Uranus enters your 3rd house of daily life and communications, in March there until , your day-to-day life and its schedules get a major reconstruction. What you begin to write, teach, and where you travel to may be unexpected, but never boring, dull, or without adventure. You are a channel for much truth and many revelations to move through.

The more you accept the challenge, the more easily the ideas and articulation of them will come. Shadow Work — Eclipses Much of is asking us to let go of more than we amass. With the Sun and the Moon, this star is especially good for relationships. You can make new and influential friends, get help and valuable gifts from friends, and gain the love of respectable women.

Neptune shows how we rise above physical limitations. Spiritual development involves feeling more at one with people around you and with life in general. There is something scary about stepping into the unknown but the positive side of Neptune will be more noticeable following this solar eclipse. A solar eclipse in general is a positive event giving an energy boost for a fresh start. The fixed star between the eclipse and Neptune is a very positive one, with wishes and dreams both being ruled by Neptune.

Solar Eclipse In Aquarius-February 15th, 2018

The positive side of Neptune is also more prominent now that the fearful influence of Saturn square Neptune has passed. Setting some boundaries will allow you to enjoy a sense of togetherness with loved ones. You may benefit from joining or learning more about environmental, charity, social or community work and groups. This is a good time to go to the movies or escape from reality through a fantasy novel.

While some psychic impressions may be off the mark, your compassion and empathy are genuine. You can be of great assistance to the victimized and outcast. The influence of the Sun and Moon with Neptune gives great potential for psychic awareness. The influence of the fixed star makes it even more likely that you will experience some kind of psychic activity following the February 28 solar eclipse. However, your fortune and psychic talents are at risk of turning against you because of the big opposition in the sky, shown by the solid red line in the solar eclipse February astrology chart above.

You will feel a strong urge to react, or rebel against anything that is stopping you from having fun and doing what you want. There is likely to be particular sudden event that releases your built up tension and leads to a major change in circumstances. It can make you feel extremely confident, proud, lucky and optimistic. The manner in which you express your exuberance is critical in determining the final result, which can range from good fortune and success, to loss and embarrassment.