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Tuesday 20 December 1960

Validation Code Submitted. Your impulse to keep moving forward is strong and because you are also efficient, your output and achievements are often remarkable. Your instinct is always to understand the bigger picture, and when you are heading toward your goals, criticism will never deter you. You are hardworking and committed, you can however make a mistake of assuming that others are as tireless and determined as you are.

Despite your vital concern for the welfare of others and your intense desire to make the world a better place, your interpersonal skills often need attention. In your earlier years you are likely to be more practical and realistic in your approach to achieving your goals, and your results-oriented approach will draw as much praise as it does criticism from those who feel that you are too superficial or paying insufficient attention to details. Later on in life you will start to feel the need to be more independent and put your individual stamp on things.

December 20th Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality - Sagittarius - Part 1

These are the years when both professional and personal success is most likely to happen. At the end of the day it does not matter what age you are or what life stage you are at, developing your latent imagination and creative powers and rediscovering your childhood joys will give you the ability not only to generate innovative ideas but also to motivate and inspire others to develop and lift their spirits and really enjoy life.

You are energetic and vital individual.

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  8. Your potential partners will be drawn to your directness and can-do attitude. Your short fuse and tendency to be impatient when things are not going your way however can definitely threaten any of your longterm relationships.

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    5. You can be restless and sensitive, you may try many different relationships before finally settling on a partner who can bring out youthful and fun loving aspect of your personality. Healthy diet should be in a sense you primary concern, building up your immune system and strengthening your delicate constitution has to be a priority.

      Eating a healthy, nutritious diet rich in fruits and vegetables and getting plenty of moderate non competitive exercises, preferably on daily basis are definitely the foundation stones to healthy life. You should also work on relaxing and spending time outside on fresh air and getting plenty of sunshine.