February 16 2020 eclipse astrology

I am not going to caress your ears. The Theme of the Eclipse — Individual Level. It is the emotional reaction to the demands that are now beginning to appear. Pluto is conjunct the Moon in this eclipse. The Moon is in Capricorn, something that already makes her pragmatic and strict.

Utilitarian and craving respect under the Pluto influence becomes obsessive or possessive, jealous or conspiring. Emotions are at a peak. This is a Full Moon. This is an Eclipse. A Full Moon that is shadowed temporarily, eclipsed, loosing its tenderness and warmth, as the light from the Sun in Cancer that in a sense was giving her, is now blocked. This will affect relations. Or this may be the start of an on-going emotional eclipse that will culminate in January with its end results in the summer of Moon is conjunct Saturn also.

On top to the deep psychological examination that the conjunction with Pluto brings, heavy lies the burden of responsibilities. Work versus family life. This Venus — Saturn opposition reinforces the theme of detachment in our relationships but does not yet herald the split or the breaking up. It is the recognition of the stagnation, of the boundaries in affection and love. The difficulty to reach out. Financial problems may also befall those hit close by this eclipse. While money cannot be made out of thin air, the emotional shortage can at least be prevented. Get out of the Moon — Pluto — Saturn zone and reach on the other side of the chart to the Sun conjunct Venus.

There is help there.

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Reflect as Mercury retrogrades from Leo into Cancer:. Its sextile to Saturn is constructive belief and grounded faith. In this workshop, we will expand on the material in the lecture by including natal configurations.

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How can you engage your Venus and Mars to help spark inspiration and sustain passion for your projects? We will also explore Neptune and its relationship to creativity. How to identify and use your down-times in service of your project s. How to schedule your creative projects in alignment with your transits and progressions.

How to follow the lunar cycles, and how to use each lunar phase with intention. There will be time throughout to work with a few individual charts, so bring your birth chart or your birth data if you wish. Each month the Oregon Astrological Association and the Portland School of Astrology come together to bring you a free monthly new moon circle.

Come connect with other astro-lovers, get a forecast of the current astro weathers, join a group meditation, and set intentions for the new moon.

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Register here , space is limited. Group input and discussion warmly encouraged! RSVP required. All proceeds will benefit future community events by the Oregon Astrological Association and the Portland School of Astrology. Our annual fundraiser for the Oregon Astrological Association is a holiday party and potluck dinner. Enjoy astrological conversation, good food, and a raffle at the Portland School of Astrology!

Our annual year ahead forecast panel will be announced soon!

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Please note that this event will take place at the Multnomah Friends Meetinghouse. In February, in place of our monthly lecture and workshop on the third Saturday, we have the annual Portland School of Astrology Conference. In the theme is relationship astrology. Bring a date! This page will be updated as more information about the event becomes available. Our lecture and workshop for March will be announced soon!

Register Here. But Eclipses are one of the most obvious astrological influences, and not to be overlooked.

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Many years contain only four Eclipses, but 's six Eclipses make it a year of activation and personal realizations. Stephanie will outline the dates and themes for next year's four Lunar and two Solar Eclipses with an honorable mention to our Christmas Solar Eclipse. Despite a retrograde-heavy , these Eclipses will be checkpoints throughout the year, acting as beacons and catalysts for important life changes.

Get a heads up well in advance of the New Year so you can be thinking a few steps ahead of these potent Eclipses. Stephanie is passionate about personal transformation and self-realization through astrology. This talk will be geared towards how we can interpret and work with the Eclipse energy on a personal level. In this workshop, participants will learn what areas of their birth chart will be influenced by 's Eclipses.

We'll discuss how to use your personal astrology to make the most of the Eclipse energy in the coming year. Please bring your date, time, and location of birth. If you don't know time of birth, we can still look at how the Eclipses will be interacting with your planets at birth, but time of birth is ideal. During the first half of the workshop, we'll spend some time diving into each participant's chart and discussing the placement of next year's Eclipses in their chart.

If you're new to astrology, or don't know any astrology, never fear! You'll get a little astrology lesson as part of the deal. Then, we'll spend some time free-writing to come up with words or phrases that represent each Eclipse. Each Eclipse will get its own index card with your special words, or "Eclipse Mantra," written on it.

During the second half of the workshop, we'll be creating collages on the front of our Eclipse Mantra Cards, so that everyone can go away with a tangible reminder of their best ways to navigate and maximize the energy of the upcoming Eclipses. Astrologer and Soul Collage Facilitator, Christine Cook will be assisting for this portion of the workshop.

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  • At the end, we'll have time for participants to share their cards and the personal Eclipse astrology they represent. All supplies will be provided. From to mid, Stephanie had the great honor of working for and studying under internationally-renowned astrologer, Jan Spiller, who passed in July, Stephanie carries Jan's teachings and legacy forward in the form of horoscopes, forecasts, videos, and articles for janspiller.

    Medical Astrology in Action: Transits of Health. Judith will expound upon the profoundly physical influences of the planets and demonstrate their medical influences in action. She will reveal visual proofs of this action, and discuss traditional remediations. We will share some fascinating chart samples.

    Cosmic influence as defined by planetary temperature, moisture and speed, is basic to all ancient branches of astrology. Although all planets exert their specific health-related imbalances. We will focus largely on these four see workshop for detail on all planets. Judith will be celebrating the release of her two new books twins!

    Learn to time the onset and departure of planetary influences upon the body, and ancient methods to preempt them if necessary stones, waters, nutrition, flower essences, herbs. Discover how to utilize transits of Jupiter and Venus for assistance in surgical timing. We will observe the charts of Bruce Lee, Betty Davis, and Amy Winehouse, in relation to their known health conditions.

    Attendees will become aware of the twelve medical quincunxes, and learn about this mysterious, yet preeminent health transit. All proceeds will be benefit future community events by the Oregon Astrological Association and the Portland School of Astrology. Join us for this summer kick off party, as we wrap us another season of great speakers and events. Some snacks and drinks provided, but feel free to bring something to share! Come one, come all to this FREE event, and bask in the connection of other sky watchers.

    A soul-centered approach to astrology concerns the movements of the soul. Register here. He combines esoteric, hermetic, and psychological traditions in a new synthesis of understanding. E-mail: giulio ethericastrology. The Soul-centered Purpose of the Ascendant.

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    In contrast, contemporary astrology often places an emphasis on the Nodes of the Moon and the Midheaven in assessing soul growth and destiny. How do we simply survive each day feeling nourished and whole? Stacia will outline a journey of how ancient teleology and religious ontology influenced each other, leading directly to the foundation of modern psychology. Stacia has a first house moon-Mercury conjunction, which means that she's spent her life considering topics like instincts, comfort and emotional transformation. Stacia is currently the President of the Oregon Astrological Association.

    A graduate of the Portland School of Astrology, Stacia's astrological focus is on the moon, and using astrology for self-care. She is also a trained energy healer, and has completed two years of study at Self-Discovery Group, with a focus on chakra energy clearing, manifestation and clairvoyance. What can we expect when the planet of revolution, freedom and innovation visits the Venus-ruled sign that represents our basic relationship to the Earth, our own bodies and the material world?

    And how can we co-create with this transit to call forth its highest potential, both individually and collectively?